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“There’s something decidedly four-square about dining here, from the relaxed service and honest prices to the American Bistro cuisine…The menu is just familiar enough to keep you grounded, but has enough sex appeal–and surprises–to keep your interest.” Pascale le Draoulec, New York Daily News

“If you find yourself near Washington Square Park, you could hardly do better than to stop here for a meal.” (TripAdvisor.com)


Jake’s Edible Garden, located on the roof of the Washington Square Hotel, will soon start its fifth season of providing our kitchen with the most local produce around.

North Square is committed to a long-standing Greenwich Village tradition: offering generous, and genuine, hospitality. Our approach to seasonal American food draws inspiration from both world traditions and local ingredients, some sourced from our very own rooftop garden. Wine and spirit choices span the globe, with a thoughtful emphasis on American, and especially New York, selections.